20 Days of WoW Blogging – Day 5

Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Why you decided to start a blog
Day 03 – Your first day playing WoW
Day 04 – Your best WoW memory
Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game
Day 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)
Day 07 – The reason behind your blog’s name
Day 08 – 10 things we don’t know about you
Day 09 – Your first blog post
Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites
Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws
Day 12 – A usual day in your life/online time
Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that you admire
Day 14 – This upsets you
Day 15 – Your desktop background (on your computer) and why you chose it
Day 16 – Things you miss (post Cataclysm)
Day 17 – Your favourite spot (in game or outside it)
Day 18 – Your favourite outfit
Day 19 – In your bags/bank
Day 20 – If this was your last day playing WoW, what would you do?

Hrm, what is my favorite item. I’m not one who’s been around all that long, so really it’s a relatively short list to choose from. The 2 things that most closely qualify would be the 350 engineering helicopter that I unlocked this past weekend on my dk, or my blue fox, Ashtail, that my hunter has. The helicopter is pretty sweet, and something I’ve seen before, but never  been able to afford (the higher level unlocked version I think exists) or create because I never really did crafting in WoW outside of cooking and first aid. Last weekend however, with some podcasts rolling and some wow-profession.com guides open, I leveled my mining and engineering from roughly 100 each to 425 each. It didn’t take all weekend, but it took a good chunk of time each day. It was pretty rewarding and I’m hoping this weekend to make it to cap so my dk can get the glove enchant for the extra strength or whatever it is. I’m also happy that I can make my hunter some rifles so the time spent grinding was time well spent, especially since I got to see some areas that I skipped while leveling my dk.

Ashtail is a supposedly rare pet, tamable in the 40’s I think, and while my hunter isn’t quite ready to tame other rares, it was the first and only time I went after one. Even though he has no really special abilities, and you can’t really tell that he’s different from any other pet, I know that he took a little more effort than normal tames, and he’s only the start of my stable of (hopefully) several rares (some day). He’s the visible reminder of the journey ahead, one that’s not intimidating, like hoping to get a rare drop weapon in a raid, but a fun one that I can accomplish without begging assistance from my guild and yet will stll 1) improve my capabilities as an end game hunter and 2) make me a part of that larger WoW hunter community.